AGIPDAGIPDAGIPDData analysis code, firmware, software for AGIPD.
Belle II OpenBelle II OpenB2OA collection of tools that have been developed for the Belle II experiment but may be of interest to others as well
ccphaseccphaseCCPHASEPhasing of disordered crystals and related stuff
CFEL-DESY-Theory_DOCCFEL-DESY-Theory_DOCCDTDRepositories of the CFEL-DESY-Theory Division. Non-software material: (documentation, manuscripts,...)
CheetahCheetahCHEETAHRepository for Cheetah
CheetahExtensionsCheetahExtensionsCHEXTNo description
CrystFELCrystFELCRYSData processing for serial crystallography
dCache-labdCache-labDLABNo description
Desy Belle ToolsDesy Belle ToolsBTCollection of tools for general data analysis.
DPDAKDPDAKDPDAKDpdak is an open source (GPL) tool for (online) analyzing large sequences of small angle scattering data. It is written in Python and runs on Windows and Linux. See
Eugen WintersbergerEugen WintersbergerEWTesting and private code of Eugen Wintersberger
FSDSDetectorSoftwareFSDSDetectorSoftwareFSDSDETThis software provides the features such as communication and data transferring for Lambda and AGIPD detectors developed by DESY(FS-DS)
GenevaGenevaGENEVAMonte-Carlo event generator based on resummed NNLO calculations
GitWorkshowGitWorkshowGITA repository set up for the Git Workshop a the ECM2015
HiDRAHiDRAHIDRANo description
ilcsoftilcsoftILsoftware packages for the LC community
LSDMALSDMALSDMALSDMA related software development
MaxRose_PapersMaxRose_PapersMAXPUBPublication drafts
Merge3DMerge3DM3DA tool to merge crystallography diffraction patterns into a 3D reciprocal space
MLL softwareMLL softwareMSNo description
ocelotocelotOCELOTocelot framework
OnDAOnDAONDAOnline(/Offline) Data Analysis at FELs
OnDA and OffDA Configuration filesOnDA and OffDA Configuration filesOOCFNo description
Quadrupole K-ModulationQuadrupole K-ModulationQKMThis matlab tool is used for K-Modulation measurements at FLASH.
sasha glazovsasha glazovSGNo description
WhizardWhizardWHIZThe Whizard Event Generator
xFitterxFitterXFITNo description